Lord Victor Adebowale CBE

Lord Adebowale is the CEO of Turning Point. Victor has a long track record as a leader in a number of challenging areas of public policy as a manager, an advisor to government and a campaigner in areas of housing, health and social care, youth policy, criminal justice and public service reform. Victor is a Non Executive Director of NHS England and the CEO of the social enterprise Turning Point which provides health and social care services to 25,000 people on any given day, in 200 locations in England and Wales. He is a director of the leadership advisory Leadership in Mind (LiM) and a board member of the I.T innovation company THP Innovation. He is a member of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) and was appointed to the UK parliament as a cross bench peer in 2001. He was awarded a CBE in 1997 for services to homelessness and youth unemployment.

Victor is a visiting professor of social policy at Lincoln University and sits as the university chancellor and chair of the university court. He is a graduate of the Tavistock Institute and has an MA in Advanced Organisational Consulting from City University.

The idea for a body which would focus on the practice of collaboration across institutional forms came from my experience of developing partnerships with the private sector in my role as CEO of Turning Point and work done in considering how governments make policy while I was a member of the Sunningdale Institute. It became clear to me that the future of services to the public was not just in the hands of the private sector winning contracts, public sector retention of such services or in the transfer out or the winning of contracts by the not-for-profit or not-for-dividend sector. The future of successful services to the public might rather, lay in understanding how organisations could collaborate together to create public services within which public value was a driving factor. It became clear that the challenge of collaborative practice in organisations needed urgent attention if we were to create a future public service that was genuinely focused on the public value. The inception of Collaborate arises out of a passion for public service that is capable of learning across organisational forms in the interests of better services to the public. I am delighted to be the chair of Collaborate as it becomes the body of choice for those wishing to study, lead, and understand how to Collaborate in the interests of services to the public.”

About Collaborate

Collaborate is an independent social business supporting cross sector collaboration in services to the public. We are a ‘shared space’ specialising in creative thinking, changing culture and supporting innovative practice. We work with individuals, organisations and systems who want to collaborate to achieve better outcomes for citizens.


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