Mark Cook

Mark Cook is a partner at Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP and a lawyer who advises people and organisations on how to work together across the public, business and social sectors. He is a leading expert in sustainable procurement, including partnership working, contracting, commissioning and procurement of services between the social, public sector and business sector.  He provides strategic advice on models for transforming public services, using the law to create flexible routes for achieving change.  With over twenty years of experience of public private partnerships and the legal framework that enables them, Mark brings wisdom and practicality to the many situations he is asked to advise upon.  He works hard to deliver solutions that involve people in local communities and he believes in the ability of those on the ground to make the difference in the neighbourhoods where they live and work.

Recent publications to which Mark has contributed include Social Enterprise UK’s “Social Value Guide: Implementing the Public Services (Social Value) Act”, as well as joint articles with John Tizard in the Municipal Journal.

A significant collaborative project that Mark helped to piece together is the recently signed joint venture between Staffordshire County Council and the private sector to deliver education support services across the UK.

“Collaboration is not the soft option: it requires determination and a willingness to be open to other ways of doing things. We are keen to show what is possible and to help win hearts and minds to collaboration that includes communities and individuals in doing things better on the ground.”

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Collaborate is an independent social business supporting cross sector collaboration in services to the public. We are a ‘shared space’ specialising in creative thinking, changing culture and supporting innovative practice. We work with individuals, organisations and systems who want to collaborate to achieve better outcomes for citizens.

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