Professor Paul Ivey

Professor Ivey started his professional career in 1972 as a marine engineering apprentice followed by service at sea with Texaco. He studied at Sussex University and was awarded BSc. Engineering and Applied Sciences with a Major in Mechanical Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy.

In addition to Texaco he has worked for General Electric Aircraft Engines in the US, the Universities of Sussex, Cranfield, Hertfordshire and Coventry, published 100 contributions including books, research papers and patents, directed research studies totalling £13.5M funded by the EPSRC, Rolls-Royce, the UK Government and the European Union, and has supervised 25 Doctoral studies.

He holds a visiting Professorship with the Emirates Aviation University in Dubai, is a founding judge for the Tamayouz Award for Iraqi architects and an honorary fellow of the Jordanian Royal Scientific Society.

To deliver outcomes that help people dependent on really effective public services is not easy given that money is tighter, issues are more complex and arguably all the easy tasks have been completed already. For me Collaborate is important; no one has all the solutions, the people receiving services often know best what is needed and usually some else has ‘been there’ before. Many organisations spend time and money solving problems for the second and third time around. Collaborate, I believe, is different and I am delighted to play a small part in it.

About Collaborate

Collaborate is an independent social business supporting cross sector collaboration in services to the public. We are a ‘shared space’ specialising in creative thinking, changing culture and supporting innovative practice. We work with individuals, organisations and systems who want to collaborate to achieve better outcomes for citizens.

Coalition of Collaborators

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