Skills, Jobs and Growth: Collaborating to Improve Outcomes for Marginalised Citizens in Leeds

Skills, Jobs and GrowthJobs, skills and growth are at the top of the agenda for civic leaders in Leeds. The City Region stands on the cusp of a huge opportunity. Significant investment in skills and employment is at the heart of devolution and growth deals that aim to deliver thousands of new jobs for citizens and net benefits to the city.

Earlier this year Collaborate and PwC convened an expert group of stakeholders to ask: how can business, government and civil society in Leeds come together to make sure these opportunities are shared by everyone? How, they asked, can we ensure that the benefits of growth are felt by those who are currently furthest from the labour market?

Today we launch the results of this collaboration – setting out an agenda for change from the perspective of those people with a stake in the City Region’s future. Prefaced by a forward-thinking introduction by Chair of Leeds City Region LEP Roger Marsh and Chief Executive of Leeds City Council Tom Riordan, ‘Jobs, Skills and Growth’ plays back these expert views, and suggests some ways in which anchor institutions within the City Region can play a more collaborative role in supporting its most marginalised citizens.

Collaborate’s executive director Henry Kippin said: “We are delighted to be launching this work, which draws on honest and constructive input from across the spectrum of the public, private and social sectors in Leeds. Cross sector collaboration will be vital in improving social and economic outcomes for citizens, and is the key to exciting plans for devolution and growth making a lasting difference on the ground.”

PwC Partner, Ian Looker commented “The skills and growth agenda is at the heart of good growth for the region. It’s vitally important that we work together across the public, private and voluntary sectors to make a real and lasting difference in this important area”.

In their introduction, Roger Marsh and Tom Riordan say that: “More, better rewarding and accessible jobs are already at the top of the list for the City Region, which is well aware of the challenge of building on this forward-thinking approach and collaborating across the sectors to make it work for everyone.”


You can access a copy of the report here. For more information on Collaborate’s work on collaborative jobs, skills, growth and devolution, email Henry Kippin.

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