Anna Randle


Anna joined Collaborate in January 2016 to develop our practice on citizen-focused services, helping public bodies square the challenge of radically reducing resources with services that value the insights and capacity, as well as the needs, of citizens.

With a background in policy and practice in central and local government, Anna has spent 4 years as Head of Policy for the London Borough of Lambeth, where she helped lead strategy and innovation focused shifting Lambeth’s operating model towards new models of collaborative public services as the first ‘Cooperative Council’. This experience means that Anna understands the scale of the challenge facing public services, and the need to re-think traditional ways of working.

Anna has helped design and implement new collaborative and outcome-based commissioning models and the wider system and culture change required to support new ways of working. She has designed and prototyped new approaches to community-based commissioning and ‘platform’​models to support community activity, with a view to building community resilience.

Anna has written several reports about the future of public services and local government, including ‘Managing Demand: Towards Future Public Services’ for the RSA/Collaborate in 2014, and ‘Towards a Social Value Framework’, published by Collaborate in 2013.

About Collaborate

Collaborate is an independent social business supporting cross sector collaboration in services to the public. We are a ‘shared space’ specialising in creative thinking, changing culture and supporting innovative practice. We work with individuals, organisations and systems who want to collaborate to achieve better outcomes for citizens.

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