Business Model & Funders

Our funders

Collaborate is a social business with a mixed business model reflecting its cross-sector and cross-industry interests. The organisation was established in 2012 with the generous support of a number of founding funders from the government, social and business sectors. They included Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Cabinet Office, Anthony Collins Solicitors, the National Housing FederationSerco, and London South Bank University.

Our Founding Funders, in common with our wider supporter and partner community, are committed to Collaborate’s mission and objectives, and to our way of working. They believe in cross-sector collaborative working at Collaborate and will be active participants, alongside others, in delivering our programme.

Collaborate is actively seeking further Founding Funders, as well as sponsorship for specific projects. For more information, please contact Henry Kippin.

Our business model

Since our inception we have worked hard to develop our business model by forging new and interesting collaborations with a range of national and international partners. Today, our revenue comes primarily from the project and client work that we do. Our clients span government, charities and businesses, and our partners include organisations such as the UNDP, the Social Innovation Exchange and the RSA.

We work according to a set of operating principles that prioritises collaboration, creativity and the conviction that a more complex operating environment needs a different, more bespoke approach.

We are fast building a rich evidence base of thinking, culture, and practice, and are actively working across the sectors to attract new development partners, sponsors and clients to work towards shared goals.

If you would like to talk about working with us, or to learn more about the work that we do with others, please contact Henry Kippin.

Coalition of Collaborators

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