Collaborative Behaviours

Insights on infrastructure for place-based system change

We are just over half-way through our research project on the infrastructure for place-based system change. This blog piece shares insights from this work so far, setting out why systems change is relevant to public services now, the role of infrastructure in supporting it and our draft infrastructure framework, which includes components such as place-based strategies, accountability, governance and data.

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Collective ambition: a responsible next–step for funders?

Working with Independent funders on collaborative social change. Funders have already created good practice within their programmes of work; but how can we improve practice between them which recognises and responds to the collective responsibility they have towards the social issues they fund?

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Helping Europe’s Social Funders to Collaborate

Last month Collaborate, along with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the IKEA Foundation and Big Lottery Fund, presented the Funding Ecology concept and the complimentary mapping technique at the European Foundation Centre’s annual conference. The session encouraged independent funders from across Europe to consider their role and value within a funding ecosystem, and provided examples of how mapping could support this process of awareness. See here for a more detailed review.

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Coalition of Collaborators

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