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Leading Across the Sectors: new career pathways for social change

Leading Across the Sectors draws together the views of a range of experts to build a new blueprint for future career pathways across the sectors. This report was launched on 21 November 2013, with an expert panel of speakers including Chi Onwurah MP, Shadow Cabinet Office Minister, Lord Victor Adebowale, Chief Executive of Turning Point, and David Archer, Director of Socia Ltd and author of ‘Collaborative Leadership'.

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Blog posts

To achieve the Global Goals, think Collaboration Readiness

Henry Kippin writes for Public Finance on why the Sustainable Development Goals present a challenge to all nations, and if they are to succeed, then policymakers need to start thinking and working in more collaborative ways.

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Collaboration Readiness: Why it matters, how to build it, and where to start

This new publication offers a practical guide to collaboration readiness, drawn from our practice across the UK and beyond. We believe there's no transformation without collaboration and no collaboration without readiness: this report helps you to take a step back and consider six different aspects of collaboration and provides a shallow route into building readiness in each.

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