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Demand Management and Behaviour Change: a manual for collaborative practice

Collaborate and the Leadership Centre are today launching a delivery-focussed manual for managing demand. This follows on from major Collaborate research in 2014, that explored the potential of demand management to address unprecedented social and economic challenges within a tough climate of fiscal constraints.

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Collaborate provocation and facilitation underpins UNDP working paper on ‘Work in the Public Service of the Future’

In May 2015 Henry and Sarah were invited to Singapore where the UNDP Global Centre for Public Service Excellence (GCPSE) is based to facilitate a shared space event on the future of public service work. As provocation for this event, Collaborate developed 5 shifts in public service that they believe will be needed for the future of work (in the public service landscape) to be a successful one. Read more about those shifts.

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Collaborative Capacity in Public Service Delivery: Towards a Framework for Practice

This discussion paper reflects primarily on the public service reform agenda in the UK, drawing lessons from a range of British examples to form the basis of a delivery framework that can be discussed, adapted and applied internationally.

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Coalition of Collaborators

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